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of Indiana, you’d see that Hinshaw Roofing has installed some of our state's most technologically advanced commercial roofing systems. Hinshaw Roofing’s highly skilled union crews are experienced with all types of systems that cover almost every type of roofing material and design on the market. Built-ups, modifieds, single ply, metal, shingles, slate, and tile.
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The Hinshaw Tradition Over Seventy Years of Experience

Ralph Hinshaw
historical photo, Hinshaw Roofing
historical photo, Hinshaw Roofing

Ralph C. Hinshaw purchased the company that was to become Hinshaw Roofing & Sheet Metal Co., Inc. in 1947. He grew his company based on this philosophy - perform the best quality work possible. Hinshaw Roofing is now one of the largest commercial roofing specialists in Central Indiana. Ralph’s son, John Hinshaw, has been involved in the business for nearly 50 years leading and growing the company to what it is today.

Ralph Hinshaw

In 2016, a third generation of ownership started with Nick Miller and Brian Robinson. Nick and Brian have been with Hinshaw Roofing and in the commercial roofing industry for nearly 30 years of combined experience.

Hinshaw Roofing & Sheet Metal Co., Inc. has built a reputation throughout the commercial roofing market that continues to reflect Ralph Hinshaw’s founding philosophy; it simply will do the best work possible for every client, every time, regardless of the project size. Over seventy years strong, Hinshaw Roofing is a financially sound company that you can count on to finish your job.

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Whether your project is a new construction, re-roof, or roof maintenance and repair project, you can depend on Hinshaw Roofing to do your job right the first time. We have the staff and equipment to handle many jobs simultaneously throughout the state.

We work with small business owners, government, and school corporations, as well as large corporate multi-building owners. Our best efforts are on every job site, no matter the size.

We do your job right the first time

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